Project Max // Prototype

Angular 2+ // UI Development // Animation

My team at Hook & Loop created a prototype for an AI-driven lead management tool, Coleman ™ . I created speaking, listening and thinking animations to bring Coleman ™ to life. I was also designed interactions within the app’s shallow space and…

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Evolution of a datagrid // Prototype

html (pug.js) // PostCSS // js // Gulp

I worked with a small team of UX designers to re-design Infor’s Order Collaboration tool. We took an incremental approach, working toward an ambitious technical vision in small steps, validating our ideas along the way. The end result was a working…

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The Biased Times // Fun

html // js // scss

This was a fun side project I built over the course of a weekend. Frustrated with the lack of straightforward news, I was motivated to create this side-by-side comparison of left and right wing news sources in an effort to expose how these media outlets spin stories to reinforce their audiences’ biases.

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RAP Online // Website

Fullstack WordPress

As sole developer on the team at Constructive creating this content-heavy website, my challenge was to create a powerful and engaging experience for RAP’s audience to search through their massive repository of documents and files.

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